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Welcome to the website of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain (PPHSGB) - the Society for collectors of Arctic and Antarctic Polar Postal History from around the World


A warm welcome to the website of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain. The aims of the Society are to promote the study of postal history from the polar regions and to act as a meeting place where members can exchange information and learn more about their areas of interest. We welcome members from not just Great Britain but from all around the World!
Geographically the polar regions encompass the North and South polar areas of the globe. In the Antarctic regions, postal history from the British Antarctic Territory, the Falkland Islands’ Dependencies, Gough Island, the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) and the French Antarctic Territory (TAAF), Ross Dependency, South Georgia, and the numerous Antarctic Bases in the Antarctic are covered. Postal history items from Northern Scandinavia, Greenland, Russia, Alaska, and Canada fall within the Society’s Arctic areas of interest.

Thematic topics covered include polar exploration and expedition related material, military mail, whaling, polar shipping and aviation. Whilst I personally specialise in the Scott and Shackleton Expeditions, society members have very diverse collecting interests from mail of the earliest polar expeditions to modern postal history. Over the years this diversity has expanded into thematic collecting, social history, postcards, photographs, literature. If it has a polar connection it now catches the attention of at least one of our members!

I hope that you will browse the site and learn more about the Polar Postal History Society. You can find more information about the society here. The website features many fine examples of polar postal history from our member's collections from which you can learn from or just admire. The latest polar postal history news is available to read with the latest society events highlighted below. You can read about our informative magazine Polar Post - our editor is always pleased to receive articles to feature in the magazine! We provide links to other polar related Internet websites that can help you with your collecting - if you would like your website to be added to our links please send us a message!
If you are interested in the Postal History of the Polar Regions, either North and South, please contact us for more information or better still fill out the application form  and join our society. Please specify your range of interests on the application form, but whatever they are, you will be most welcome. Happy polar collecting!
Trevor Cornford - Chairman


LATEST NEWS: Polar Postal History Weekend Cambridge now confirmed as 19th - 21st October 2018. See the News section for more information.

2018 Events for your Diary

31st May: Polar Philatelic Display at the Royal Philatelic Society, London, 1pm to 6pm.

This event is essentially for Fellows and Members of the RPSL but members of the PPHSGB who are not members of the Royal are cordially invited to attend. However, you MUST contact Robert Hurst or Trevor Cornford to get on the Register for guest entry if you are not a member of the Royal.

List of the Displays
Allen, Steve - 3 x 12 sheets The Heroic Age of Norwegian Polar Exploration
Blechschmidt, Frank - 2 x 12 sheets The British Antarctic Territory 1962-1980
Bringer, Daniel - 1 x 12 sheets Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-04
Bringer, Daniel - 3 x 12 sheets Swedish South Polar Expedition 1901-04
Cornford, Trevor - 3 x 9 sheets Scott
Hammond, Marc - 2 x 12 sheets Bouvet Island
Hindle, Richard - 4 x 9 sheets Amundsen’s Northeast Passage Expedition 1918-25
Kahn, Serge - 1 x 12 sheets Dumont d’Urville Helps Reveal Antarctica
Kahn, Serge - 2 x 12 sheets French Participation in the 2nd IPY 1932-33
Kraus, Jiri - 4 x 12 sheets Search and Discovery of Antarctica
Losserand, Pierre - 1 x 12 sheets France during the IGY in Antarctica
Manzati, Claudio - 4 x 12 sheets North Pole Russian Drifting Stations: NP1 to NP16
Maselis, Patrick - 1 x 9 sheets Expédition de Gerlache 1897-1899
McMillan, Robert - 3 x 12 sheets Norwegian Whaling Mail
Murguet, Christian - 3 x 12 sheets The Antarctic expeditions 1897-1913
Murguet, Christian - 2 x 9 sheets Nobu Shirase and the Japanese Antarctic Expedition 1910-12
Nicklas, Siegfried - 3 x 12 sheets Early German Antarctic Expeditions
Osborne, Hugh - 1 x 12 sheets South Shetlands Postal History to 1934
Osborne, Hugh - 3 x 12 sheets South Georgia Postal History from 1883
Vogel, Hal - 1 x 12 sheets The Wilkes Antarctic Expedition
Vogel, Hal 3 x 12 sheets Pre-WWII Polar Lighter-Than-Air Flights
Wiskin, David - 2 x 9 sheets Shackleton

9th June SWINPEX: Stamp and Postcard Fair, St Joseph’s RC College Swindon 10am - 4pm.

19th - 21st October: Polar Postal History Weekend Cambridge.

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