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2018 sees a number of eras of Anniversary of the USA in exploring, including the disputed 1908 claim on the North Pole, and
1955-58 Deep Freeze and IGY onwards. Covering this and all other possible connections with their activity seems overdue.
This can be from Postcards issued, ships in use, mail of course used on or about Expeditions – and not all on Admiral Byrd
please! Photos, covers, maps, - indeed we await to see and be amazed at what attendees will bring to show and tell!
All main slots have been filled, but remember Saturday night for this and any subject of choice, your latest purchase etc. – Just
bring it!


6pm WELCOME by the President GERRY PEARCE, drinks reception and introductions.
9pm Approx. Introduction to the Weekend by President GERRY PEARCE, followed by:
STEVE ALLEN, “American Arctic Expeditions 1853 - 1939”.
10.15pm Approx. CLOSE after viewing and Questions, the bar is available to continue debate.

7.30am - 9.15am BREAKFAST
9.30am - 10.00am BRIAN CLAYTON will present a range of ALL “Byrd material 1928-47” to start.
10.05am - 10.40am DAVID WALKER will show his “BYRD the HERO” story with appropriate Ephemera.
10.45am COFFEE BREAK - AUCTION LOTS organised for viewing.
10.55am Auction Preview - time to get your bids prioritised!
11.35am SOCIETY AUCTION - BIL TILBURY as Guest auctioneer presiding.
1.00pm Approx. LUNCH INTERVAL (Time depends on auction finish).
Lunch is at your own expense. It not part of the package.
2.30pm Approx. The SCOTT POLAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE, with a revamped Museum. The Botanical Gardens
are a short walk away, as is the Fitzwilliam Museum and City centre shopping!
4pm Approx. MEMBERS BOURSE - Bring, buy and sell your spare material!
IF anyone wants a large table, please see Robert Hurst, or any Committee member.
SATURDAY continues with FREE TIME UNTIL DINNER. Rest, chit chat, shop in Cambridge,
get ready for the MEMBERS EVENING SHOW.
9pm Approx. MEMBERS ENTERTAIN YOURSELVES! Bring an interesting item of special interest, theme
ON ANY SUBJECT - share your enthusiasm! e.g. perhaps your ‘best buy’, Internet find, latest
addition etc. Also, some of the RPS,L Displays from 31st May may be shown. PLEASE NOTE: Due
to pressure on time, and as it is most popular, you may be limited to 9 SHEETS, and 5 minutes chat!
10.30pm CLOSE - BAR TIME!

8.00am - 9.15am BREAKFAST.
9.30am - 10.30am RICHARD HINDLE “The BYRD Arctic & Antarctic and MacMillan STORY and postal history
10.35am - 10.50am COFFEE BREAK. At your own expense.
10.55am - 12.00 Approx. TBA - in discussion.
12.05am ROUND UP AND ‘BON VOYAGE’: Closing weekend review, thanks and thoughts for next time!
Followed by LUNCH - Available at your own choice and expense.
AGENDA & VENUE organised by Trevor Cornford, WITH assistance from the Committee, ESPECIALLY Bil Tilbury on
Auction, Robert Hurst, John Youle in general. Especial thanks to our contributors in all areas. I hope you have a good time and
safe travelling.

14th to 17th February: Spring Stampex, Business Design Centre, Islington, London, England.

17th February: PPHSGB AGM and Spring Meeting at Spring Stampex in Room “F” from 12:00am to 14:00pm.

The Secretary, Robert Hurst, announces that The Polar Postal History Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 17th February 2018 at Spring Stampex, the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, England - N1 0QH. All members of the Society are encouraged to attend and are entitled to vote as necessary. Items for inclusion in the agenda should be sent to the Secretary, Robert H. HURST, 3 Bletchingley Road, Merstham, Surrey RH1 3HT, by: 1st February 2018. E MAIL:- hurstfamily.robert@ntlworld.com

We would like to see as many members as possible at the AGM. The Society needs your ideas and comments. If you wish yourself to be put forward or nominate another member for the committee please apply to the Secretary for a nomination form which must be completed and returned by 1st February 2018. Please note that you must have the consent of the member to be nominated and the nominated member must be seconded by another member of the Society.
Following the AGM, there will be a short time for a Bring & Buy Session. Following this, there will be time for displays. Please bring material along with you for display, even just a few sheets. Please inform Robert Hurst in advance if you intend to bring a display with you.

Agenda for the AGM

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes of the Previous AGM held on 18th February 2017

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes

4. Reports of Society Officers for 2018

5. Election of Committee

6. Membership Subscription Rates for 2019

7. Any Other Business

3rd January 2017: New stamp issues of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & SSI and The British Antarctic Territory will no longer be systematically notified and shown here. Full information on all new issues of these countries is available at:

http://www.pobjoystamps.com/ and  http://www.falklandstamps.com/ .

PPHSGB Members should PLEASE note: The AGM on 21st February 2015 decided that, in the light of continuing increases in postage rates for Polar Post, the Membership fee for the PPHSGB from 1st January 2016 is increased to £20 for UK members and £25 for the Rest of the World (all destinations for which the Internal UK postage rates 1st and 2nd class do not apply).

ALL members paying by Standing Order from a UK Bank account are requested please to change their standing orders ASAP.

30th September, 1st and 2nd October 2016: the PPHSGB will be holding a further Residential Weekend in or close to Cambridge. Further details will be available to members in the March 2016 Polar Post.

Until 18th June 2016: The Scott Polar Research Institute Museum has a Display currently running relating to the Shackleton 1914-17 Expedition. For further details please go to:


9th March 2016 (not before 2pm): Cavendish Auctions, Derby UK: The Martin Evans Collection & Library: Martin was for many years Treasurer of the PPHSGB but this auction contains only a few lots of interest to Polar Collectors. Attention is directed to lots 500 to 509 and Lots 885 & 886. The catalogue is available at: http://www.cavendish-auctions.com/

4th March 2016: Argyll Etkin Auction - The Auction catalogue will be available on the following website from around 4th February 2016 http://www.argyll-etkin.com/ : This Worldwide stamp and Postal History Auction includes two lots which may be of interest to members. Lot 217 comprises three postally used Entire letters written from the South Shetland Islands in 1820 and 1821, the three earliest recorded letters from the Antarctic Continent. They were written by Capt. Charles Winship of the Sealing Ship O’Cain of Boston to his father Abiel Winship, a merchant in Boston, Massachusetts. One is from New South Shetland Clothiers Harbour and two are from Potters Cove Livingston Island. Lot 396 is a very fine Falkland Island Dependencies King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Stamp Collection with a most comprehensive study of the varieties.

23rd February 2016 at 9am: 33rd Christoph Gärtner Auction – Session Thematics/Overseas: Lots 3003 to 3056, 5047, 5048, 5048A and 5048B relate to classic Antarctic covers and postcards with the emphasis on the Swedish South Polar Expedition 1901-1904 and the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-1904. There are also lots from other expeditions including Lot 3034 which is a postcard from the French Antarctic Expedition 1908-1910 bearing the rare “Pourquoi Pas? Label (start €15000). Lot 3037 (start €7000) is a German South Polar Expedition card with the hand stamp “Paid at South Georgia” tying the Expedition label to the card. Full details can be found at: www.auktionen-Gaertner.de  Please note that the auction location is: Steinbeisstrasse 6+8, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.



Saturday 20th February 2016: The PPHSGB Annual General Meeting: The Meeting will take place in Room B, from 10am to 12 noon at Spring Stampex, the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, England - N1 0QH. Please note the early starting time.

13th January 2016: New Issue – the Falkland Islands – Birds of Prey: The set of six stamps is illustrated below. Full details of the issue are available at:

 http://www.pobjoystamps.com/   You can buy the issue at: http://www.falklandstamps.com


7th January 2016: New Issue - The United Kingdom (Royal Mail) - Shackleton: The set of 8 stamps, comprising 4 se-tenant pairs, is illustrated below. The stamps, printed in grey-tone, are based on photographs taken by Frank Hurley. The designs are - 1st class: Entering the Antarctic Ice - December 1914 and Endurance frozen in pack ice - January 1915; £1.00: Striving to free Endurance - February 1915 and Trapped in a pressure crack - October 1915; £1.33: Patience Camp - December 1915 to April 1916 and safe arrival at Elephant island - April 1916; £1.52: Setting out for South Georgia - April 1916 and Rescue of Endurance Crew - August 1916.


2nd January 2016 and 3rd December 2015: New Issues - French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF): The issue of 3rd December 2015 on the occasion of MonacoPhil 2015 comprised a stamp booklet with 7 stamps at €1.24 relating to the Fishing Vessels Croix du Sud I; Albius; Saint-André; Mascareignes III; Ile de la Réunion; Cap Horn I; Ile Bourbon.

The annual issues of 2nd January 2016 relate to: Sphène (minéral) (se-tenant pair) 0,80€ + 0,20€; Jean Volot 1,35€; Goélette “Le Rêve” (Saint-Paul et Amsterdam)2,80€; Poissons de Terre Adélie MS with 4 stamps 0,80€ x 2 + 1,05€ + 1,35€; Navire la Valvidia 1,24€ ;Serge Frolow (Tromelin) 0,80€; Avion du Discovery, Survols des Îles Kerguelen MS with 2 stamps 0.80€ + 0.44€; Insecte de l’île de la Possession (Crozet) 0,80€; Les diatomées  2,80€ ; Pointe d’Entrecasteaux (Amsterdam) 1,05€; Auberge du Cormoran Vert (Kerguelen) 0,80€ + 1,24€ + 1,35€; Cascade Lozère (Kerguelen) 0,50€; Oiseaux des T.A.A.F. MS with 4 stamps 1,05€ + 0,70€ + 0,80€ + 1,45€.



1st January 2016: Falkland Islands and British Antarctic Territory (BAT) postage rates: Postage Rates will increase from 1st January 2016. The complete Postage Rate Tables are available at:


Please note the different Rates for South Georgia & SSI

21st December 2015 - New Issue - South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - Biodiversity: The set of six stamps is illustrated below. Full details of the issue are available at:


You can buy the issue at: http://www.falklandstamps.com


9th December 2015: New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Clouds: The set of four stamps is illustrated below. Full details of the issue are available at:

 http://www.pobjoystamps.com/   You can buy the issue at: http://www.falklandstamps.com


3rd December 2015: New Issue - Monaco - The Arctic Campaigns of Prince Albert 1st of Monaco: The souvenir sheet was issued on the Occasion of MonacoPhil 2015.


30th November 2015 - New issue - The Falkland Islands - 20th Anniversary of the Elephant Seal Research Group: Full details of the issue are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


26th November 2015: The Mawson's Huts Foundation has an Expedition departing Hobart for Cape Denison on 26th November on board the L'Astrolabe. Over 500 covers for the Foundation have been prepared to be cancelled at Cape Denison with the FDI and Everyday postmarks.

17th November 2015 – BAT New Issues 2015: There are three issues, Centenary of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Part III, British historic Huts and whales. They were issued during the visit of RRS James Clark Ross to Signy in November. Full details of the issues are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/




5th November 2015 – New Issue – Ross Dependency - the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition: The six stamps have been issued both as sheet stamps and as two souvenir sheets of 3 stamps as illustrated below. For further details please go to:




5th November 2015 - TAAF New Issue - Terre Adélie - Sentinelle du climat: This souvenir sheet was unexpectedly issued during the “Salon philatélique d’Autumne de Porte de Champerret”. It relates to “guarding against climate change”.


4th October and 5th November 2015 – TAAF – New Issues - 20 Years of Marion Dufresne: TAAF has issued two stamps to celebrate the event. A 0.80€ stamp was issued on 4th October 2015 to mark the “Open Day” of the ship at Le Port, Réunion. A 1.35€ stamp was issued on the occasion of the “Salon philatélique d’Autumne de Porte de Champerret” on 5th November 2015.


23rd October 2015 - New Issue: Bulgaria - Polar Explorers: The issue comprises two souvenir sheets, one perforated and the other imperforate. Both include two stamps showing respectively the US American Robert Peary who reached the North Pole on 6th April 1909 and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen who was the first person to lead an Expedition to the Geographical South Pole arriving on 14th December 1911.


2nd October 2015 - Falkland Islands Philatelic Bureau (FIPB) Website back online: The FIPB is back under a different name FPS/Philatelic Sales with a much improved website for ordering stamps, FDCs etc. of The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, and British Antarctic Territory. Please note the NEW URL.


18th September – TAAF – New Issue - “Les Oubliés de l’île Saint-Paul” (Février - Décembre 1930): Some details of the event commemorated by this stamp can be found in English at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%8Ele_Saint-Paul


9th September 2015 – New Issue - Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) - The Dogs that saved Macquarie Island: For further information go to the download of the Australia Post Stamp Bulletin, September 2015, pages 6 and 7.



9th September 2015 - New Issues - the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the British Antarctic Territory - Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch: A large number of countries issued stamps on this occasion when HRM Queen Elizabeth II exceeded the record held by HRM Queen Victoria as Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch. Most of the stamps include images relating to the territory concerned. Further details are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/




Latest News


3rd September 2015 – New Issue – Monaco – MonacoPhil 2015: The Monaco post office has issued a stamp to mark the Exhibition. 50,000 stamps were offset printed in sheets of 10; Design: Créaphil; Stamp Size: 40.85 x 30 mm.


21st August 2015 – New Issue – Falkland Islands – Magellan Penguins, Penguins Predators and Prey, Part 4: Further information will be available in due course at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/

Those on Facebook can refer to the “FPS Limited” Facebook Page (public).


6th August 2015 - New Issue - Canada - Discovery of the Wreck of HMS Erebus:  For further details of this issue please refer to:




14th July 2015 – New Issue – TAAF – 60th Anniversary of TAAF: TAAF has issued a se-tenant strip of three 80c stamps. From left to right the stamps represent the three major geographical regions of TAAF, Les Îles Éparses, Crozet, Kerguelen and St Paul & Amsterdam and Terre Adélie. Each of the three geographical areas also had a special first day postmark.


4th July 2015 (Saturday) – MIDPEX, the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, The Fosse, Fosse Way (B4455), Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 1XN, England - The PPHSGB and the FIPSG will have Stands. https://midpex.wordpress.com/

21st June 2015 – New Issue – South Georgia & SSI – Viola/Dias, Last of the British Steam Trawlers:  Dias ended her life as a sealer at South Georgia and is now drawn up on the beach at Grytviken. For further details of the Stamp issue please go to:



15th June 2015 (Expected) – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – 800th Anniversary of the Sealing of the Magna Carta: An omnibus issue involving Ascension Island, The Bahamas, The British Virgin Islands, The Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha has been announced with stamp illustrations but without any details. Here are the Falkland Islands’ stamps.


13th June 2015 (Saturday): SWINPEX  St Joseph’s Catholic College, Ocotal Way (A313), Swindon, SN3 3LR, England - Joint PPHSGB/FIPSG Meeting 1:30pm.

26th May 2015 – New Issue – AAT – Colours of the Australian Antarctic Territory: This issue has been announced in the Australia Post Stamp Bulletin, May/June 2015 which contains all the details of the issue on pages 8 & 9.


Please note that this website is dreadfully slow to react and for downloads of publications in Europe.


13th May 2015, 12.45pm (Wednesday): Joint Meeting with the FIPSG at London 2015 Europhilex, The Business Design Centre, Islington, London, England.

12th May 2015 – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Colour in Nature, Part IV: Details of the issue are available at:



March/April 2015 – New Issues – TAAF out of Programme Issues: There were three issues as illustrated below. The values 0.01€ to 0,04€ have the year 2015 printed on them, thus distinguishing them from previous issues of these stamps. Sadly if you do not understand French, the following link will not be of much use to you for further details: http://philatelie.polaire.free.fr/


9th March 2015 - New Issues - Argentina - “Operación 90” and “Antarctopelta oliveroi 1986”: My Spanish is not great but I found background information to these issues in English at:



It is possible that these Wikipedia articles are available in other languages, e.g. Spanish.


21st February 2015 (Saturday)The PPHSGB Annual General Meeting and Spring Meeting will be held from 12.30pm to 2.30pm in a Meeting Room at Spring Stampex, The Business Design Centre, Islington, London. The room will not be known in advance of the day and thus you will need to check details at the information desk. For further details members should go to Polar Post, December 2014, Pages 83 (location Map) and 85 (AGM Agenda). Non-Members are welcome to attend but may not vote at the AGM.

11th February 2015 – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Birds & Young: The first F.I. issue of the year has been announced and the set of four is illustrated below. The details of the issue will appear at:



30th January 2015 - New Issue - South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands – Albatrosses: The set of four stamps is illustrated below. The details of the issue are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


5th January 2015 - New Definitive Stamp Issue - South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands - Ships, Scientists and Explorers: The Shackleton definitive issue has now been replaced but fear not, the set of 12 includes a 10p value showing Shackleton and the Endurance. The stamps are illustrated below and the details are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


2nd January 2015 – New Issues – TAAF – Various: The illustrations below depict the Annual TAAF new issues for 2015  as follows: Beryl (mineral) 0.66 € + 0.34 €; Robert Guillard 1.05 € + 0.66 €; Antarctic Tern 4.30 €; Le Radioleine (ship) 2.40 €; Krill Programme 0.66 €; Insects of l’île de la Possession (Crozet) 0.66 € + 2.00 €; New Colonies of Emperor Penguins 1.00 €; Remains of a Decauville light railway (Juan de Nova) 0.66 €; Leopard Seal (Terre Adélie) 1.05 €.


There are also two souvenir sheets: Fish of Terre Adélie 0.66 € x 2 + 1.05 € + 1.55 € and Snowmobiles in Terre Adélie 0.66 € + 1.05 €.



You are visitor number

2015 – Further New Issues – Dates of Issue not known: The following new issues have been reported on the Public Facebook Group “Antarctica & Arctica stamps - Polar Philately”. Unfortunately the dates of issue were not given. Republic of Togo: Various Species of Penguin; Republic of Guinea, and Sierra Leone:  Centenary of the Endurance Expedition (1914-1916).

22nd December 2014 – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Type 42 Destroyers 1975 to 2014: The 30p stamp depicts HMS Sheffield, sunk off East Falkland in May 1982. The remaining 3 ships shown on the stamps HMS Exeter, HMS Liverpool and HMS Edinburgh have all visited the Falkland Islands. Details of the Type 42 ships can be found at:  


8th December 2014: New Issue - The Falkland Islands – Centenary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands: The set of four stamps is illustrated. Please go to http://falklandstamps.com/ for further information.


20th November 2014 – New Issue – China – 30 Years of Chinese Polar Research: The stamps were issued in sheets of 10 vertical Se-Tenant pairs.


20th November 2014 - 2pm - Session 3 of the Grosvenor London Auction: If you would like to see or even buy some classic Antarctic material, go to:

Lots 3685 to 4199 are mainly from the collection of the late Harry Evans - amazing material! You are never likely to see such excellent material in one auction again!  There are also some great Falkland Islands lots 3535 -3684.


3946 “Fram-Expeditionen” printed envelope and rare autograph letter written on June 7 1910 at Horten, Norway by expedition leader Roald Amundsen to his brother Leon at Kristiania, sent the following day franked by 10ø. Posthorn and with June 9 machine arrival on reverse, some creasing and small tears but rare. The letter written on board the “Fram” in Bundefjorden inlet just prior to the ship’s departure, Amundsen’s brother being one of the privileged few who were aware that the true destination was not the Arctic but an attempt on the South Pole. Estimate £1,200-£1,500


4007 Autograph short letter to New Zealand schoolboy written on exhibition letterhead by expedition leader Douglas Mawson during the return voyage on the Aurora on “15th Feb. 1914”, the envelope with damage at top, bearing Australia 1d. Kangaroo (scarce franking for expedition mail) cancelled by Adelaide Feb. 26 1914 c.d.s. with “LOOSE SHIP’S LETTER/(penguin)/S.Y. AURORA/A.A.E.” cachet below. Estimate £1,000-£1,200

19th November 2014: New Issue – Ross Dependency – Penguins and Joint Issue ‘Pole to Pole’ with Greenland: The Ross Dependency has issued a set of five round penguin stamps and a souvenir sheet which has the same design as the souvenir sheet issued by Greenland on 20th October 2014.




19th November 2014 - New Issues - British Antarctic Territory: There are three commemorative sets including one souvenir sheet and Penguins airmail letter and postcard rate stamps. There will be no official FDC for the self-adhesive airmail postcard rate stamps which are issued in rolls of 120 stamps. The full details of the issues are now available at:








6th November 2014: New Issue – TAAF – Radio Ham Contacts: The souvenir sheet contains three stamps relating to amateur radio contacts between Paris and the tropical Island of Tromelin (Îles Éparses). The map does however show the location of Terre Adélie!


5th November 2014: New Issues – South Georgia and SSI – Heroes of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1916): Three sets of four stamps are being issued on the same day. They honour Frank Hurley, Frank Worsley and Tom Crean. The date of issue coincides with the date 100 years ago on which the Endurance reached South Georgia on the way south.  Please go to http://falklandstamps.com/ for further information.


20th October 2014: New Issue – Greenland – Pole to Pole (Joint issue with The Ross Dependency): The Greenland issue comprises a single round Polar Bear stamp and a souvenir sheet incorporating the stamps and an illustration without value of one of the five Ross Dependency stamps issued on 19th November 2014.


17th October 2014: New Issue – TAAF – Gendamerie Nationale (National Police): The se-tenant pair with label relate to the police forces on Tromelin and Kerguelen.


14th October 2014: New Issue – South Georgia &SSI – History of Reindeer: The set of four stamps is illustrated. Please go to http://falklandstamps.com/ for further information.



10th October 2014: Mawson’s Huts Foundation: Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, Stage V, Part II: This issue comprises two overprinted souvenir/minisheets and 8 covers postmarked in Australia. Full details are available at:



Four different covers were cancelled at the GPO Adelaide with the Centenary Return commemorative AAE pictorial postmark to commemorate the Centenary of the arrival of S.Y. Aurora at The Semaphore, South Australia on 26th February 1914. One of these covers is shown here.


Four different covers were cancelled at the Port Adelaide Post Office with the Port Adelaide Lighthouse pictorial postmark to commemorate the Centenary of the arrival of S.Y. Aurora at Port Adelaide, South Australia on 26th February 1914. One of these covers is shown here.


Stage V, Part I is mainly sold out but one cover and two souvenir/minisheets are still available:


9th October 2014 – New Issue – TAAF – Green Turtle: The single €1.05 value is illustrated below. There is no connection with Antarctica.


20th September 2014 – New Issue – TAAF – 60th Anniversary of the first flight from Madagascar to the Island of Tromelin and back: The se-tenant strip of 3 is illustrated below. There is no connection with Antarctica.


16th September 2014: New Issue - The Falkland Islands - Colour In Nature: Part 3 - 2014: A set of four stamps has been issued as illustrated. Please go to  www.pobjoystamps.com for further details.


9th September 2014: New Issue – AAT – Era of the Husky: AAT has issued a set of four stamps as illustrated. A souvenir sheet, presentation pack, FDCs and maximum cards have also been issued. Full details are available in the September-October issue of the Stamp Bulletin (N°330) of Australia Post.




19th August 2014: Harry (H. E. J.) Evans, 25th July 1925 to 5th August 2014: The founding father of the PPHSGB died on 5th August at the age of 89. Harry founded the Society in December 1952 and served on the Committee as Secretary, Treasurer and Cover Sales Coordinator from 1952 to 1992. He became President in 1987, a position that he held for the rest of his life. He also continued to deal with cover sales until the end of 2006. His extensive collection of Antarctic Material including some nice little items from the Heroic Age has been consigned to Grosvenor Auctions, London, and at least part of the material is expected to be included in the Grosvenor Sale planned for 19th/20th November 2014. An obituary is included in the September 2014 issue of Polar Post.


11th August 2014: The September issue of Polar Post was finally posted to the printers!


5th August 2014: The completion of the September 2014 issue of Polar Post has been delayed by two weeks so as to ensure that members get a full 28-page issue. It is planned that the issue goes out by post during the first two weeks of September.


1st August 2014: The Falkland Islands Post Office and Philatelic Bureau were out-sourced on 1st August 2014.  Further information will be provided in due course.


17th July 2014: Ross Burden 16th December 1968 to 17th July 2014: Most people knew Ross Burden as a TV Celebrity Chef who came to fame in the UK towards the end of 1993. He was however also a philatelist and had an Exhibit called “Putting Penguin to Paper” which he presented at the PPHSGB 50th Anniversary Residential Weekend in Cambridge, England, in 2002. The photo shows Ross with his Exhibit in the background.


1st July 2014: there was no increase in postal rates for the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & SSI and BAT from 1st July but this does not rule out an increase later in the year or in early 2015.

23rd June 2014: New Issue – South Georgia and SSI – Royal Christenings: Pobjoy Mint in association with Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd have produced a Royal Omnibus issue for several Territories marking the christening of Prince George. The stamp designs show from left to right the Christenings of Princess Elizabeth 1926, Prince Charles 1948, Prince William 1982 and Prince George 2013. For further details please go to: www.pobjoystamps.com


14th  June 2014: New Issue – TAAF -  ‘Dauphin de Commerson’ and a set of pre-paid postcards relating to the islands of  St Paul and Amsterdam, Crozet and Kerguelen: These items were issued at the beginning of the  “salon philatélique Planète timbres”, which took place in the “parc floral de Paris”, from 14th to 22nd June 2014.



14th June 2014: Swinpex, St Joseph’s Catholic College, Ocotal Way, Swindon: The Polar Postal History Society of GB will hold a joint meeting with the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group starting at 1.30 pm in a meeting room at the College.

21st May 2014: New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Royal Christenings:  Pobjoy Mint in association with Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd have produced a Royal Omnibus issue for several Territories marking the christening of Prince George. The stamp designs show from left to right the Christenings of Princess Elizabeth 1926, Prince Charles 1948, Prince William 1982 and Prince George 2013. For further details please go to: : www.pobjoystamps.com


15th April 2014: New Issue The Falkland Islands: Fungi: The set of four stamps is illustrated below. There is no souvenir sheet. For further details please go to: www.pobjoystamps.com


7th April 2014: Tristan da Cunha: Ships and Explorers: Three of the four stamps relate to explorers and ships well known to Antarctic collectors. The designs show 35p – James Weddell and ‘Jane’, 45p – George Nares and ‘HMS Challenger’, 70p – Carsten Borchgrevink and ‘SS Antarctic’ and £1.50p – Dr Alexander Macklin and ‘Quest’. For further details please go to: www.pobjoystamps.com


5th April 2014: New Issue TAAF (French Southern and Antarctic Territories) – Logo Definitive values: TAAF has issued four low value definitive stamps (0.01€ to 0.04€) and a 7.00€ stamp needed for parcels. The stamps depict logos associated with the Crozet Islands.


25th March 2014: New Issues – Argentina – 110 Years of Permanent Presence of Argentina in the Antarctic at Base Orcadas (South Orkney Islands) ($4.50 value) and 25th Meeting of the Administrators of Latin American Antarctic Programmes, Rapal (souvenir sheet): The Scottish Antarctic Expedition handed over their weather station on the South Orkney Islands to Argentina in 1904 and Argentina has continuously run the station ever since. For four days, Rapal brought together 70 scientists, experts and government officials from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru, with Venezuela and Colombia as observer nations.


25th March 2014: New Issue The Falkland Islands: King Penguins, Predators and Prey: The set of four stamps is illustrated below. There is no souvenir sheet. For further details please go to:



12th March 2014: New agents for BAT stamps: It was announced today that Pobjpoy Mint in association with Creative Direction Worldwide Ltd have been awarded the contract as the new agents for stamps of the British Antarctic Territory from 24th March 2014. This combination of firms are already responsible for the stamps of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha and several other Territories. Pobjoy Mint have a stamps website at:  http://www.pobjoystamps.com/
Please note that Pobjoy Mint are wholesalers. You will still need to order BAT stamps from your local stamp dealer or from the Philatelic Bureau in Stanley, 

1st March 2014: Outcome of the PPHSGB AGM held on 22nd February 2014: The Society has a new Treasurer from April 2014; further details will be published in the June 2014 issue of Polar Post. The current Honorary President, Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Editor of Polar Post and Auction Superintendant were all re-elected for 2014/5 through to the next AGM. The current Honorary Auditor/Accounts Examiner has decided for personal reasons to stand down and thus this post needs to be filled by someone who is a not a Committee Member before the 2014 accounts are ready for checking in early 2015.


The Society is holding Membership Subscription rates at the current levels for 2015 (£15 UK; £20 for all other countries – there is no separate European Rate). The Membership Secretary will in future accept payments by PayPal but for such payments the rates are £16 and £21 respectively to cover the Society’s additional costs. Members who have not yet paid their Subscription for 2014 should do so by 31st March 2014 to ensure the continuing delivery of Polar Post.


The AGM minutes, the Accounts for 2013 and the reports of the various committee members for 2013 will be published in the June 2014 issue of Polar Post.

28th February 2014: Mawson’s Huts Foundation (MHF) - covers commemorating the opening of the Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum and other items: The MHF has produced a cover illustrated below to commemorate the opening of the replica of Mawson’s Huts which opened as a museum in Hobart, Tasmania (AU) on 2nd December.


The MHF is also selling a mint postcard showing a painting of the Huts by Wendy Sharpe as illustrated and Wendy Sharpe’s book of paintings entitled Wendy Sharpe’s Antarctica (ISBN 9780957937420).


The order form in PDF Format is now available at:


26th February 2014: Special Postmark in Adelaide, Australia, marking the Centenary of the Return of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914.


Saturday 22nd February 2014: the PPHSGB Annual General Meeting and Spring Meeting will take place on the Saturday of Spring Stampex at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London in Room D from 12:30 to 14:30. For further details please see Page 106 of the December 2013 issue of Polar Post. Please note that the Society only has the room for two hours. Non-members are welcome to come along and find out what makes us tick but are naturally not allowed to vote during the AGM.

18th February 2014: New Issue AAT: The Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, Part 4, “Homeward Bound”: This is the final part of the series of issues and is in the same format with 3 se-tenant 60c values and 2 A$1.20 values in sheets of 50 and a souvenir sheet with all 5 stamps se-tenant.

There is also a special Combined Sheetlet pack which includes a special sheetlet with all 20 stamps of the series in a se-tenant block of 5x4 stamps. For further details please see the Australian Stamp Bulletin N°326 January-February 2014 available from the website of Australia Post at:



1st January 2014: New Issues - French Southern and Antarctic Territories TAAF: 19 stamps were issued as illustrated below. Further details are available at: http://www.taaf.fr/PhilaTAAF-presentation-de-la-collection-2014


1st January 2014: Mawson’s Huts Foundation (MHF): In December 2013 Peter Cranwell informed previous purchasers of a very limited issue of four covers (30 of each) featuring four different paintings by Wendy Sharpe who travelled to the Huts a couple of years ago on board the Aurora Australis. The covers sold out within a couple of days. One of the four covers is illustrated below.


Still available is a postcard showing one of Wendy’s paintings and her book entitled “Wendy Sharpe’s Antarctica”. The non-philatelic book illustrates in colour many of the paintings Wendy created during the voyage onboard the Aurora Australis. Please check out Peter Cranwell’s website for current MHF offers and what is still available from previous offers. http://www.petespolarplace.com/

24th December 2013: South Georgia & SSI New Issue – The Centenary of Grytviken Church: Christmas Day 2013 is the centenary of the consecration of The Whalers Church at Grytviken. The church was built at the initiative of Carl Anton Larsen, the founder and first manager of the whaling station.

The background text is available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


15th December 2013 – New Issue South Georgia & SSI – Habitat Restoration: The issue relates to the completion of the first stage of the rat elimination programme with four values printed in individual sheets of 10. There is no souvenir sheet. The background text is available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


8th December 2013: The Mawson's Hut Foundation will be sending a team of 4 to Cape Denison as part of the Spirit of Mawson Expedition:


The MV AKADEMIK SHOKALSKIY is due to depart Bluff, NZ on 8th December 2013 and return to Bluff on 4th January 2014. Further information can be found at:


The intention is to get as close as possible with the MV AKADEMIK SHOKALSKIY and then traverse the ice using Argo vehicles: http://www.argoatv.com.au/  

2nd December 2013: Official Opening of the Replica of Mawson’s Huts in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: A replica of Mawson’s Huts has been built as a tourist attraction on the waterfront in Hobart. The replica is due to be officially opened on 2nd December and there will be a special postmark commemorating the opening.


27th/28th November 2013: Grosvenor British Empire and Foreign Countries Sale 86 at 399-401, The Strand, London, UK: The fourth session of the sale on Thursday 28th November starting at 2pm comprises lots 1899 to 2342 forming a specialised section of Falkland Islands & Antarctica including the Trevor Barnes collection of South Georgia and fine material from the collection of Dr Carlos Garcia-Moral. The catalogue is available online at:


27th November 2013 – New Issues – British Antarctic Territory: The RRS James Clark Ross arrived off Signy Base around 4pm GMT/UTC on Tuesday 26th November 2013. There are a large number of new issues which include a new definitive set of 16 featuring the original set of 15 BAT stamps issued 1st February 1963 plus the 2nd £1 value issued 1st December 1969.
There are also three commemorative issues – Halley VI Research Station, 70th Anniversary of Bransfield House (now a museum run by the UKAHT) and a souvenir sheet
relating to the departure of the ill-fated Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914 to 1916 led by Sir Ernest Shackleton. And to round off the issues there is a set of 8 stamps featuring penguins in four se-tenant pairs. Currently no technical information is available for the issues. All these stamps were shown in colour in the December 2013 issue of Polar Post.






21st November 2013: Falkland Islands New Issue – Penguins Airmail Postcard Rate: The set of six stamps features: The Albino Rockhopper Penguin, the Gentoo Penguin, the Magallanic Penguin, the Rockhopper Penguin, the King Penguin and the Macaroni Penguin. The stamps are printed in sheets of 10 and there is also a souvenir sheet with all six stamps in a se-tenant block (not shown).

The background text is available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


20th November 2013: New Issue - Ross Dependency – “Antarctic Food Web”: the issue comprises five stamps in individual sheets and as a se-tenant block in a souvenir sheet as illustrated below. The designs are 70c - Antarctic Krill, $1.40 - Lesser Snow Petrel, $1.90 - Adélie Penguin, $2.40 - Crabeater Seal and $2.90 - Blue Whale. Full details of the issue are available at:



11th November 2013: Tristan da Cunha Volcano, Part III and 9th December 2013: Tristan da Cunha Volcano, Part IV: 50 years ago the PPHSGB reported on the events relating to Tristan da Cunha following the volcanic eruption on the island. Although not “Polar”, collectors of Tristan da Cunha have played an important role in the history of the Society and many articles have been published in Polar Post relating to the island. Illustrations of all the stamps and background details can be found at:



7th October 2013: Further covers and overprinted AAT Souvenir Sheets issued by the Mawson’s Huts Foundation – The Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, Stage IV: Part  A of this release comprises a cover cancelled at Macquarie Island commemorating the first receipt at Macquarie Island of a radio transmission from Cape Denison on 25th September 1912 and two covers commemorating the first two-way radio communication between Cape Denison and Macquarie Island on 20th February 1913. All three covers were cancelled at Macquarie Island and are signed on the back by the postmasters.


Part B comprises four overprinted souvenir Sheets (AAT Australasian Antarctic Expedition, Part 2) relating to events during the Far Eastern journey of Mawson, Ninnis and Mertz during which Ninnis and Mertz perished. In addition there are four covers relating to the 2nd Journey of Aurora to the Western Base and Cape Denison. Two covers cancelled at Casey on 23rd February 2013 commemorate the Centenary of the relief of the Western Party, one cover cancelled at Kingston, Tasmania on 12th March 2013 commemorates the arrival of Aurora at Port Esperance, Tasmania and a final cover cancelled at Kingston on 15th March 2013. Further details of this release and an order form are available at: http://www.petespolarplace.com/mawsons-huts-centenary-IV.htm


3rd October 2013: The Falkland Islands – new Issue – Colours in Nature II:


 The background text is available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/

20th to 22nd September 2013 - The PPHSGB Diamond Jubilee Residential Weekend at the Royal Cambridge Hotel (Cambridge UK) – revised 7th October 2013: The PPHSGB Residential Weekend, the fourth to be held at the Royal Cambridge Hotel, was a great success with over 40 members and partners present either as residential or day visitors. It was particularly pleasing to see so many visitors from outside the UK with members present from Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, Norway and Sweden. Articles on the Weekend and the displays will be published in Polar Post starting in December 2013. Particular thanks go to Trevor Cornford, Robert and Nikki Hurst and Bil Tilbury for all their hard work before, during and after the Weekend. My thanks (J.H.Y.) also go to Daphne McMillan who is writing up the displays for Polar Post.


29th August 2013: New Issues - Ascension Island, The Falkland Islands, and South Georgia & SSI - Shallow Marine Surveys Group (SMSG) - 29th August 2013: The three Territories are issuing stamps relating to the SMSG and the issue for each Territory includes a joint souvenir sheet including a £1 stamp for each Territory. These souvenir sheets are identical for each Territory. The stamps for the Falkland Islands and SG &SSI are illustrated below together with the Joint Issue souvenir sheet. The stamps for Ascension Island and the full FDC liner notes for all three Territories can be viewed at


22nd July 2013: New Issues - South Georgia & SSI and the Falkland Islands - 60th Anniversary of the Coronation: Background information, technical details and photo credits can be found at:


6th July 2013 – 10am to 5pm: Midpex 2013: The venue is again the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, The Fosse, Fosse Way (B4455), Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 1XN – a rural site, located centrally, just south of Leamington, close to the M40, alongside the Fosse Way, between Leamington and Banbury. There is easy access from all points on the compass, with no urban traffic to delay your arrival/departure. The PPHSGB will have a table (A03) at this event next to that of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group. A complete list of specialist Societies and dealers taking part can be found on the website: http://www.midpex.co.uk/

17th June 2013: New Issue - TAAF - ‘Atelier des ailleurs 1 aux Îles Kerguelen’ :  Yet another out of programme issue from TAAF! The souvenir sheets show works by the photographer Klavdy Sluban (original also in B/W) and the visual artist Laurent Tixador who were at Kerguelen from 31st December 2011 to 12th April 2012. The sheets are printed by offset and measure 115 x 90mm. Both have a face value of €1 and 65,000 copies of each were printed.


11th June 2013: New Issues – South Georgia & SSI and the Falkland Islands – Sir Rex Hunt, CMG (29th June 1926 to 11th November 2012): The late Sir Rex Hunt was Governor of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies (South Georgia and SSI) at the time of the Argentine invasion at the beginning of April 1982 and he returned to Stanley after the liberation and remained Governor until 1985. Seven of the eight stamp designs have no close connection to Polar Philately and thus only the South Georgia & SSI issue is illustrated below. The 65p value shows Rex Hunt standing in front of the Wasp helicopter 435 from HMS Endurance that crash landed with no injuries at St Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia, on 14th December 1981. The Governor and his wife Mavis were visiting Cindy Buxton and Annie Price who were making a documentary film for Anglia Television. The photo used on this stamp was taken by Annie Price who also took the photos used on the FDC covers for both the FI and SG&SSI issues. The stamp illustrations for the FI and the background texts for both issues are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


8th June 2013: Swinpex, St Joseph’s Catholic College, Ocotal Way, Swindon 10am to 4.30pm. The PPHSGB will hold a Joint Meeting with the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group at 1pm. 

5th June 2013, 2.30pm (Item updated 13th May): Grosvenor British Empire and Foreign Countries Auction, Third Session, Lots 1190 to 1567: The third session is dedicated solely to items from the Falkland Islands and Dependencies, and Antarctica. The sale includes items featuring newly discovered early letters, the Clive Perkins collection of Falkland Islands Postcards, and lots including rare items from the Swedish South Polar Expedition 1901-1904, the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902‑1904 and the two French ‘Charcot’ Antarctic Expeditions 1903-1905 and 1908-1910. There are also items from other Antarctic Expeditions from 1901 to 1995 including both Scott Expeditions (1901-1904 and 1910-1913) and Shackleton’s three Expeditions (1907-09, 1914-16 and 1921-22). The auction catalogue is now available at: http://www.grosvenorauctions.com/wordpress/

4th June 2013: New Issue – South Georgia & SSI – Star Trails


Further details of the issue will be available in due course at: http://falklandstamps.com/  

17th May 2013 – New Issue – TAAF – ‘Art du timbre gravé’ (The art of engraved stamps): The issue comprises a souvenir sheet comprising one Euro5 stamp with a surround depicting the 12 types of penguin found in TAAF with each penguin image engraved by a different designer.


16th May 2013: The Falkland Islands – new Issue – Baroness Thatcher: The 30p stamp depicts Prime Minister Thatcher and her husband Denis arriving at 10 Downing Street after becoming Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, 4th May 1979. The 75p stamp shows her inspecting a minefield in the Falkland Islands which she visited in 1983. The £1 stamp shows an image taken during her second visit to the Falkland Islands in 1992, on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Liberation. The £1.20p stamp shows Lady Thatcher holding a Falkland Islands commemorative coin commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Liberation which she struck in 2007 at a special ceremony at the Pobjoy Mint.


Further details of the issue are available at: http://falklandstamps.com/

8th May 2013 (Item updated 13th May): Prestige Philately (www.prestigephilately.com) in Melbourne, Australia, sold by auction the Paul Wales Large Gold Medal Antarctic Exhibit "1901-04 British National Antarctic Expedition" (Robert Falcon Scott’s ‘Discovery Expedition’) as part of their Auction N°182. The Large Gold Open Class Exhibit at Autumn Stampex, London, 2012 contained many rare and unique items and most of the philatelic items sold. Being an ‘Open Class’ Exhibit there were items which do not fit happily into any other class such as ephemera, paintings, literature, unused picture postcards, and letters without the envelope in which they were enclosed. Just over 30 of the 121 lots failed to sell during the auction and are available from Prestige Philately at 80% of the estimate given in the catalogue. A few of these items are philatelic, i.e. envelopes or postcards sent through the post. Please go to the site and check out the realisations. The most expensive item, Lot 2450, went for a hammer price of A$10,500 (£7,085.09), not including the buyer’s extra costs of at least 15% of hammer price, against an estimate of A$10,000. This item is shown below (illustration and text © Prestige Philately): 



‘Lot 2450 - cover with embossed 'DISCOVERY ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1901/[penguin]' crest in blue on the flap and engraved 'NATIONAL ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION' label in steel-blue with manuscript endorsement "DISCOVERY" in the lower tablet, local usage with Pictorials 4d & the label both tied by 'CHRISTCHURCH/17AP03/NZ' cds, registration cachet in magenta, with the enclosed matching embossed notepaper & a brief message signed "EH Shackleton". A delightful cover, stated to be the only recorded usage of an Expedition label on a registered cover. Shackleton had contracted a nasty dose of scurvy in Antarctica. Scott insisted Shackleton return to New Zealand to recuperate, which the latter did most reluctantly. "Morning" departed 2/3/1902, arriving at Lyttleton 25/3/1902. The endorsement on the label is so neat; at first glance it appears to be printed. It's doubtful EHS added the inscription: his handwriting would readily qualify him for the medical or legal professions.’

29th April 2013 – TAAF Definitive stamp issue – Logos: TAAF is issuing five different definitive stamps of value 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c and 63c.


10th April 2013 – New Zealand – New Issue - ANZAC 2013 - NZ$2.40 Value: The set of six stamps commemorating New Zealanders Serving Abroad includes one value depicting the New Zealand ANZAC Class Frigate Te Kaha patrolling Antarctic Waters 1999. This stamp is available as a sheet stamp (sheets of 25) and as part of a special ‘miniature sheet’ booklet. The five other stamps have nothing to do with Antarctica. For further information or to order the stamps, please go to:



5th April 2013 – TAAF New Issues – Carnet de Voyage ‘Voyage en Antarctique’ and NVI/‘TVP’ stamp ‘Frégate Floréal’: These two new issues appeared on the occasion of ‘Le Salon Philatélique de Printemps’ in Mâcon France. The Carnet (large format stamp booklet) contains 16 NVI stamps in four se‑tenant blocks of four and costs 25 Euros. All the NVI stamps in the booklet are for the 20gm International Letter Rate. The ‘Frégate Floréal’ stamp is for the ‘TVP’ rate from TAAF to France. Some details of these issues are published in the TAAF March-April ‘infophil’ available online at: http://www.taaf.fr/L-InfoPhil-des-TAAF,437


28th March 2013 – Falkland Islands New Issue – Predators and Prey Part 2: The set of 4 stamps includes two featuring Rockhopper Penguins.

Further details of the issue are available at: http://falklandstamps.com/


18th March 2013 – BAT New Issue – The Naming of Queen Elizabeth Land: This unexpected new issue commemorates the naming on 18th December 2012 of a section of the BAT as ‘Queen Elizabeth Land’ to mark the Diamond Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth II. It is understood that the souvenir sheet was issued at Signy during the visit of RRS Ernest Shackleton to close the station at the end of the 2012/13 Antarctic Summer Season.


13th/14th March 2013 – Stanley Gibbons “Stamps and Postal History of the World” Public Auction N°5870: The first session on Wednesday 13th March from 10.00 includes Antarctic Lots 22-42 and Falkland Islands and Dependencies Lots 405-501. The catalogue for the complete sale (24MB) can be downloaded in PDF Format at:


12th March 2013 - Australian Antarctic Territory - New Issue - Mountains: The Australian PC Stamp Bulletin for March/April 2013 announces this issue on pages 10 and 11. There is also souvenir sheet comprising all four sheets stamps is a se-tenant block of four as well as FDCs, maximum cards and a Presentation pack.


The Australian PC Stamp Bulletin can be downloaded free of charge at:http://shop.auspost.com.au/collectables

7th March 2013 at 2.30pm - Grosvenor Auction Sale N° 79 - The John E Du Pont collection of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies: This superlative classic collection, formed by one of the most famous, award-winning collectors of the twentieth century, includes many rare proofs and stamps from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V, as well as an impressive range of scarce early covers from and to the islands.
For Polar collectors there are a small number of lots relating to South Georgia (Lots 2142 to 2156), the South Orkneys (Lot 2157 - a 1904 Orcadas del Sud cover) and Deception Island (Lots 2158 to 2166). One of the prize lots (N°2149) is a mint block of thirty, rows 3 to 7, of the 1928 2½d on 2d purple-brown provisional surcharge with margins; [R. 6/4] shows SURCHARGE DOUBLE. The estimate is a mere £40,000 to £50,000!


Lot x2157:- 1904, Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, ‘Museo de la Plata’ picture postcard of the Scotia overwintering in Scotia Bay, South Orkneys, in 1903 (Wharton ED-1) addressed by Robert Rudmose-Brown to his brother Thomas (later an important mentor to Samuel Beckett) in Aberdeen with message on picture side “Stamped & postmarked at the South Orkneys. Not an Argentine colony without protest! RNRB”, bearing Falklands 1891-1902 1d. (a few trivially stained perfs.) cancelled by fine strike of large violet Argentine datestamp (Andrews A 1) “ORCADAS DEL SUR/20 FEB 1904/DISTRITO 24 (GALLEGOS)”, carried by the Scotiato Capetown where unaccepted for onward transmission without the addition of Cape 1d. at lower left cancelled “MY 11/04”. Very few covers or cards, around 20 according to Harvey-Pirie who accompanied the expedition, were cancelled and sent. Very few indeed bear a Falklands adhesive. Illustrated (with part address obscured) in the Postal History of the Falkland Islands Dependencies by R. Bagshawe (1947). Ex Stern. Estimate £2,000-£2,500 
For further details and to view the catalogue please go to: http://www.grosvenorauctions.com/wordpress/

Saturday 23rd February 2013: The Annual General Meeting of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain will take place on the Saturday of Spring Stampex at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London in Room E from 14:30 to 16:30. For further details please see page 3 of the February 2013 issue of Polar Post or Page 87 of the December 2012 issue. The current treasurer Gordon Buchan has resigned with effect from this AGM and thus the Society urgently needs to find a replacement. Members interested in taking on this post should contact Robert Hurst or Trevor Cornford as soon as possible.

20th February 2013: The 6th Edition of Stefan Heijtz's ‘THE SPECIALISED STAMP CATALOGUE OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS AND DEPENDENCIES INCLUDING POSTAL HISTORY AND CANCELLATIONS 1800 - 2013 with BRITISH ANTARCTIC TERRITORY and also PAPER MONEY, COINS and TELEPHONE CARDS' In full colour will be released at Spring Stampex, Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Stefan Heijtz will be present on the Stanley Gibbons Stand 101 on the ‘Village Green' from 3pm on Wednesday 20th February. Further information is available at:

Members of the PPHSGB can obtain the catalogue at a special rate. Please see Polar Post, February 2013, Page 28 (top of rear page).

15th February 2013:
New Issue - The Falkland Islands - Referendum: A set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet mark the Referendum to be held on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th March 2013. There is only one question: ‘Do you wish The Falkland Islands to retain their current political status as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom - Yes or No'. Further background information and illustrations of the stamps in colour are available at:

5th February 2013 – BAS Halley VI Research Station now Fully Operational: A press release from the British Antarctic Survey announces that Halley VI is now fully operational and that the previous  Station Halley V has been fully dismantled and is currently being removed from Antarctica.



31st January 2013: Polar Post, February 2013: The 1st issue of Polar Post in 2013 was despatched a month earlier than usual. The issue was full by the end of November 2012 thanks to a carryover of articles and background information on the new stamp issues shown in the special December issue. The 2nd issue of 2013 should appear as usual towards the end of May 2013.

2nd January 2013 - Mawson's Huts Foundation: Severe fast ice and sea ice conditions continue to persist off Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, caused by the grounded iceberg B09B. Plans to send a conservation team to Mawson's Huts this season were cancelled in September 2012 and it is not looking promising for the 2013/2014 Antarctic summer season. Nevertheless Peter Cranwell, on behalf of the Foundation, released Part III of philatelic items relating the Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914 in mid December 2012. Six covers were cancelled at South Georgia. They bear ‘Frank Wild' stamps cancelled on several different dates relating to the AAE ranging from 2nd December 2011 (leaving Hobart) to 15th February 2012 (arrival at the Shackleton Ice Shelf, Western Base). Only 55 of each of the six South Georgia covers were produced.


There are also three covers cancelled at Casey on 15th February 2012, the closest post office to the position of the Western Base. In addition there are two further overprinted mini-sheets relating to the arrival of the Expedition at the Western Base. Frank Wild was in charge of the team at the Western Base and his ashes are now buried at Grytviken, South Georgia next to the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton. If you are interested in buying any of the items please go to:
for further details. A few items are still available from earlier philatelic offers. 
1st January 2013 - TAAF (FSAT) News:  The annual stamp issue of TAAF contained six individual stamps, one se-tenant pair and three souvenir sheets. One of the Antarctic related issues is illustrated below.


 All the stamps can be viewed in colour at: http://www.taaf.fr/Collection-2013-en-vente 
TAAF has experienced serious shipping problems this season. The Marion Dufresne suffered damage to the hull on approaching Alfred Faure Base, Crozet Archipelago, on 14th November 2012 and was not able to continue to Kerguelen and St Paul Amsterdam. The ship sailed to Durban, South Africa, accompanied by an ocean going tug and entered dry dock for repairs in mid-December. The ship is expected to return to Réunion around 3rd/4th February to resume operations. L’Astrolabe experienced extreme sea ice conditions during relief visits to Dumont D’Urville in both December 2012 and January 2013 and ended up several weeks behind schedule.